Linewize - release notes

School Manager Release 1.7.2

22 March, 2021

Welcome to School Manager release 1.7.2!

This week we’re excited to be rolling out the first phase of the Student Journey Report to our partner beta testing schools! The Student Journey Report is our new and improved reporting tool, designed to help you get better insights about your students from the data that School Manager captures.

You may also notice that we’ve begun a campaign of beautification. Over the coming months, we’re going to be updating the look and feel of School Manager to make it easier to use and make it more color-blind friendly.

This release, including our new beta features, will be rolling out in stages over the next few days. Our Australian and New Zealand schools should see the update on 22 March 2021, while our US users will get the release over the following few days.

New Features & Improvements

  • We’re rolling out the beta version of the Student Journey Report to our partner test schools. Users in this test group can access the new report by selecting a user in Statistics > Users and then clicking User Timeline.
  • We’re improving the usability of our reports by giving you more options for sorting them inside School Manager. You can also now sort the Cyber Safety > Red Flags report by the student’s system name or full name, and you can sort on all columns in these reports:
    • Filtering > Emailed Reports
    • Statistics > Realtime
    • Statistics > Network
    • Filtering > Bandwidth Quotas
    • Filtering > Safe Search
  • We’re continuing to do a lot of work, mainly behind the scenes, to improve School Manager’s security. As part of this work we’ve increased the minimum password length for local accounts to 16 characters, while letting you choose to see your new password while you're changing it. You may be required to reset your password in the future if it does not meet the new length requirement
  • We’ve updated the colors for our Red Flag alerts to make them more readable. We’ve also added new icons to them to indicate what triggered the Flag : a magnifying glass for searches, and a globe for attempted website red flag icons
  • School Manager’s charts have been given a big facelift, with more consistent colors in a more modern style!
  • We’ve added the option to force OneRoster to do a full resync with School Manager if they become out of sync.

Bug Fixes

  • We resolved a case where performing a test of an email report could cause browser timeouts.
  • Students’ full names, when available, name will populate within  Statistics > Apps and Websites reports.
  • Using special characters in Group Names could cause a verdict gateway error.
  • If you edited a rule within about five seconds of reordering any rules in Content Filtering > Rules, there was a chance your changes wouldn’t save.