Linewize - release notes

School Manager Release 1.8.1

3 May, 2021

Welcome to School Manager release 1.8.1!

We're continuing to work with our beta testing partner schools to develop the first phase of the Student Journey Report to ensure it meets your needs. The Student Journey Report is our new and improved reporting tool designed to help you better understand your students’ online journey based on data that School Manager captures. 

This release allows you to include comments on Student Journey Reports exported as PDFs, letting you add more context to your reporting. We've also introduced more improvements to the interface’s functionality. The Student Journey Report (and all other reports!) will now stop the header row from scrolling off the screen when displaying large data sets, and more tables have the sort feature, allowing data to be displayed according to table headers, in ascending or descending order.

New Features and Improvements

  • When you export a PDF version of the Student Journey Report, you can choose to add a short comment which will be inserted on the cover page of the exported file.  
  • All report pages will now prevent tables from scrolling off the screen when large data sets are displayed.  This should give you a much better experience when viewing data in the report.
  • This release also includes several updates that allow you to sort reports by column headers and present data in ascending or descending order (e.g. A-Z or Z-A, lowest value to highest value). 
  • We made some tweaks to the error messages that you can get when you’re trying to reset your password to make them more informative and timely.
  • The way you navigate the Cyber Safety > Mobile Apps page should be more consistent with how you navigate other pages in School Manager.


  • In Configuration > Objects > Time Periods, we give you better guidance about what Start Times and End Times you can use. 
  • Groups would not show up when viewing the Filtering > Bandwidth Quotas page for the first time. We also gave this page a quick pass to clean up some stray punctuation.
  • We fixed an issue where the Active Connections link on the User dashboard pointed to the wrong location.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on the Configuration > Authentication > WMI screen.