Linewize - release notes

School Manager Release 2021-003

31 May, 2021

Welcome to School Manager release 2021-003!

This version of School Manager introduces improvements to Safe Search, configurations, and reporting. We have also added improvements in the exported versions of the Student Journey Report, which is currently on limited release with our partner test schools.

New Features and Improvements

Updated Safe Search Configuration

The Safe Search page now allows administrators to manually reorder Safe Search rules. As some rules take priority over others, it is important to be able to place them manually in the right order: from top to bottom based on priority. 

Simply click a rule’s Move (+) icon and drag the rule up or down the list. School Manager will then process the rules according to the order configured by the administrator.  

This manual configuration replaces the  previous way of rearranging Safe Search rules that required administrators to click on column headings.

A Better Way to Diagnose Configurations and Issues  

School Manager’s Diagnostics > Coredumps page now features sorting capabilities that allows users to sort core dumps by date and time, or by filename in ascending or descending order.  This should make it easier to spot configuration conflicts.

A New Name for Emailed Reports

We have renamed our Emailed Reports page to Reports and Alerts to reflect the way School Manager informs teachers and administrators about their students’ online activities.  You will still receive all messages as emails, including weekly  and daily reports, about your students’ online safety, or real-time alerts when their actions trigger red flags. Check it out by going to Filtering > Reports and Alerts!

Quarantine is Experimental No More

As we continue to polish the way content filtering rules are created and managed, the Quarantine function for editing rules has moved from being experimental to an established feature.  

When an administrator enables Quarantine on a Content Filtering rule, users’ internet access will be suspended each time they trigger a red flag on that rule.