Linewize - release notes

Classwize and School Manager (Cloud) Hotfix 3.1.102

20 April, 2022

Welcome to Classwize and School Manager (Cloud) Hotfix 3.1.102!

In this release of Classwize, we fixed a few issues with extending Monitor-only classes, notifications when students are modified in synced classes, and reconnecting Live View.

Extending class sessions in Monitor-only Mode

We’ve fixed a bug that could cause the Connect extension to stop working when you tried to extend a Monitor Only Mode class.

School IT admins receive email notifications on changes to synced classes

School IT administrators now receive email notifications when teachers modify students in synced classes. This fix now allows IT admins to make teachers’ updates permanent on School Manager and prevent overwriting of changes when syncing classes.

Live View reconnects when restarting a class

We’ve fixed an issue that prevented Live View from reconnecting automatically when restarting classes. Now, Live View reconnects automatically when you restart a class.