Linewize - release notes

SphireOS Release 248 (Stable Group 2)

22 March, 2021

Welcome to SphireOS Update 248!

We’ve got some bug fixes for you with this release.  The release will be rolled out in two stages: the first phase will go live for schools in the Stable 2 Branch on March 24th 2021; all other schools should receive the update at the end of the month. You can find out which Branch you’re in by going to School Manager > Device Updates.


  • We increased the number of CPU cores that SphireOS can see on SMG-200 devices.

Bug Fixes

  • SphireOS could sometimes block all traffic while it was processing a configuration change.
  • Fixed crashes that could happen when SphireOS encountered a signature configuration with unexpected category values, or after a user deleted variables from user objects.
  • Changes made to the network interface settings in School Manager will correctly apply to SphireOS.
  • SphireOS can no longer run out of file descriptors or available connections.
  • Fixed a couple of issues that could cause SphireOS to unexpectedly reboot after startup.