Linewize - release notes

SphireOS Release 249 (Stable 2)

25 May, 2021

Welcome to SphireOS Release 249.21 (Stable 2)

We've resolved a number of issues and improved the functionality of the HTTP proxy handler. This update is currently being rolled out to devices in group Stable 2.

New Features & Improvements

  • You can now specify additional HTTP proxy handler ports to check through the advanced configuration menu (Debug > Diagnostics > Advanced Configuration).


  • Fixed an issue with PPE2 settings that could stop port forwarding from WAN to LAN from running. 
  • Editing the Enabled Networks and Groups list won’t cause SphireOS to crash.
  • SphireOS now only tries to update appindex if there is a new appindex version, and data flow is no longer impacted while appindex updates are being processed.
  • Fixed an authentication issue affecting users whose username contained apostrophes.
  • Packet capture using a non-restrictive filter now stops when it hits the capture limit.
  • Fixed the cause of a couple of rare SphireOS crashes that prevented some boxes from upgrading to the latest SphireOS version.
  • The SessionStore::size function in SphireOS can’t return a negative value.