Linewize - release notes

SphireOS Release 252.19

19 January, 2022

Welcome to SphireOS Release 252.19


  • We fixed an issue that could cause a buffer overflow and crash SphireOS.
  • We improved the way we capture and log radius accounting packets. This should result in better and more detailed error logs. 
  •  We improved the way we collect statistics on packets.
  • The transparent proxy service in SphireOS won’t crash HTTPS inspection is enabled.
  • Sphirewall won’t  keep trying to send DHCP requests if the link is down. 
  • Creating a rule with empty or missing criteria won’t cause  SphireOS to crash.
  • SphireOS no longer cares about letter cases in group names when you’re creating and applying filtering rules.
  • We found and fixed a rare case where SphireOS wouldn’t process all LDAP records, resulting in users incorrectly being set as archived.
  • SphireOS won’t apply HTTPs inspection to additional subnet ranges if subnets were specified in IP/Subnet notation. 
  • SphireOS won’t crash if you update user or group configuration while HTTPS Inspection is enabled.