Linewize - release notes

SphireOS Release 256

25 August, 2022

As a result of this release, SphireOS will support more throughput than ever before! Our lab tests have shown us a sustained load at 20Gbps, bursting to 40Gbps at times. As part of this work, we’ve made a number of other further improvements to the platform stability and reliability.

SphireOS is scheduled to be released for BETA on August 24, EA on August 29, and GA on September 12.

Please follow our maintenance updates here.


Fixes and Improvements

  • We made significant improvements to the backend to support more throughput, while increasing the platform's stability. Our goal is to have zero unplanned downtime with your Linewize Gateway.
  • We added a Restrictive Mode in the Captive Portal that will prevent students from using VPNs to bypass filtering.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented devices with bonded interfaces from updating to the latest version.