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Linewize enables teachers to gain visibility and control over Internet use in the classroom.
Ensure your students' attention remains focused on education rather than entertainment.

On-task, off-task or off-line

Live visibility over student Internet use allows teachers to identify those students focused on the lesson and those whose attention has wandered. Linewize even identifies students who have chosen to take their device off-network to pursue their own activities.

Educating digital citizenship

Student Internet access is a privilege. Linewize makes it easy for teachers to ensure that students are respecting this privilege by aligning their behaviour with the schools’ acceptable use agreement.

Focusing Internet use

Linewize allows teachers to specify lesson related online resources and share them with students through the website. Teachers can choose to restrict Internet access to specific sites and applications or relax default filtering policies for the current lesson.

Student self-management

When a student visits the website they are provided a summary of their Internet activity. This activity is contrasted against the behaviour of peer students, allowing outliers to reflect on their own usage.

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Linewize is used by over two hundred schools including Pt England, Mt Albert Grammar and Breens Intermediate. 

Linewize is fantastic and already I have more info at my finger tips than ever before
— Kerry Hall, Cashmere School
Linewize gets me away from network admin and back in the classroom where I want to be
— Carol Kendall, Springston School

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Key Benefits


The complete solution for digital learning

Linewize provides full user authentication, configurable per user content filtering and full visibility of user browsing history and data usage for both fixed and mobile devices.


Support BYOD on your existing network

Linewize's transparent bridge technology instantly augments your existing network with BYOD functionality. No need for costly and disruptive hardware upgrades.


A better way to protect your students

Linewize helps schools to protect students online. Use Linewize to ensure content access is age appropriate and that student Internet use is visible to all custodians.


Personalised access for all network users

Linewize integrates with any existing directory service allowing Internet access to be individualised for students and staff based on the directory groups they belong to.


Google Apps for Education network login

Linewize also integrates with Google OpenAuth so that students can use their Google account and password to log on to the school network. One account to rule them all.


Identify and alert inappropriate behaviour

Teachers and parents can be alerted should a child under their care attempt to access inappropriate content enabling immediate redress of the behaviour.


Set Internet policy from knowledge not assumption

Powerful reporting allows you to understand how students are using the network and then set appropriate usage rules in response to actual use rather than guesswork.


No IT expertise necessary

The easy to use management website allows non-IT staff to manage BYOD support, web filtering and usage reporting without having to depend on external IT assistance.


Automatic weekly email reports

Linewize keeps you in touch with what is happening on your network with emailed weekly reports detailing filtering hits, most popular websites, network data usage and more.


Enterprise firewall features without the enterprise price tag

Subscribing to Edgewize gives you an application, user and device aware firewall that includes auto VPN, content filtering and link bonding.


Cost effective subscription service

Linewize is a cloud hosted subscription based service with no up-front hardware cost and an affordable subscription fee calculated from the school’s published roll count.