February 22, 2024 EdTech | Mental Health | Digital Wellness

How Wellbeing Platforms Help Schools Address Chronic Absenteeism

Students are increasingly absent from school, and educators are worried about the impact on learning outcomes.

December 22, 2022 Digital Parenting | Digital Citizenship | Digital Wellness
Fostering healthy digital habits over the holiday season

With the holiday season fast approaching, many children have begun compiling their wishlists with excited anticipation. For digital natives, tech-based gifts such as smart speakers, phones and watches, or consoles, apps, and games often ...

July 19, 2022 Social Media | Digital Wellness
How to Incorporate Digital Wellness in Schools

From the home to the classroom and into the workplace, our children will rely on technology for learning, creating, and playing—which is why it’s so important to instill healthy online habits early on.

June 1, 2022 Parenting | Digital Wellness
The five fundamentals of parenting in the age of technology

Today is Global Parents Day and we want to make the job of parenting in the age of technology a little easier for you. Our lead online safety and digital wellness expert Teodora Pavkovic, shares her five fundamental tips for helping ...

May 11, 2022 Digital Wellness
5 ways teachers can model positive digital habits

This week we celebrate Digital Wellness Day, a global initiative that encourages people to analyze and optimize their relationship with the digital world by taking a mindful approach to how we interact with technology.

December 23, 2021 EdTech | Mental Health | Teacher | Digital Wellness
How to Help Teachers Manage Stress with Education Technology

Education technology (EdTech) tools have the power to make an educator’s job either much easier, or much more stressful — and district IT teams can make all the difference in the relationship between teachers and technology.

September 10, 2021 Cyber Safety | Back to School | Digital Wellness
Back to School with Teodora

Linewize Lead Cyber Safety and Digital Wellness Expert: As we find ourselves in a school year unlike any other, it’s hard to tell whether we feel more excitement or apprehension - or a confusing mixture of both. It’s no surprise given ...

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