December 16, 2022 Parenting | Digital Citizenship

Tech gifts for kids: What parents should keep in mind this holiday season

A simple search for “tech gifts for kids” returns thousands of results. Every year, parents and guardians rely on the Internet for ideas on what to buy children for the holidays. As technology becomes increasingly interconnected with education and social interactions, it’s no surprise that digital devices are at the top of holiday wishlists. In 2019, SellCell surveyed 2,000 ...

June 1, 2022 Parenting | Digital Wellness
The five fundamentals of parenting in the age of technology

Today is Global Parents Day and we want to make the job of parenting in the age of technology a little easier for you. Our lead online safety and digital wellness expert Teodora Pavkovic, shares her five fundamental tips for helping ...

March 28, 2022 Parenting | Mental Health
Resilient Kids: Strengthening Your Child from the Inside Out

The following article preview was originally published on PsychCentral, a leading mental health new site. It includes commentary from Linewize's cyber safety and digital wellness expert, Teodora Pavkovic.

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