Google Education Roadshow

By Scott Noakes on 8/15/17 9:25 AM

If your school uses Chromebooks or is looking to adopt them it would be worth attending the Cyclone Google Roadshow.

Cyclone, in partnership with Google, is taking a special roadshow around New Zealand to help schools ensure kids are as safe as possible when online.

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Blocking Hotspot Shield and other VPNs

By Scott Noakes on 7/7/17 10:51 AM

Inviting student devices onto your school's BYOD network also invites new ICT challenges.

Schools are often unaware that student use of VPN software such as Hotspot Shield or Ultrasurf  can bypass school internet filtering and allow access to any online content.

A recent analysis Linewize conducted of a large Auckland High School found that 15% of students were using such software to bypass school internet filtering and gain access to any online content.

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Getting smarter with 1:1 digital distractions.

By Scott Noakes on 6/14/17 11:27 AM

Distraction of the digital kind is on the rise in classrooms. How can you successfully oversee devices and online access? In the aptly named article ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’1 the authors rate self-produced distractions, such as playing games, checking emails and surfing the net, as the most common classroom distractions, with more than a third of students admitting to ‘multitasking’ in class time.

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Linewize at Interface Xpo 2017!

By Scott Noakes on 5/3/17 1:34 PM

Interface Xpo 2017 is New Zealand's premiere EdTech event and we'd love to see you there.

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7 things often overlooked on school BYOD programs

By Scott Noakes on 3/7/17 10:50 AM

 Here are seven considerations that can be overlooked as districts and schools concentrate on readying the infrastructure and making decisions about types of device and ways and means of funding the program.

    1. Who’s responsible for what?
      Clarify the school, teacher, parent and student roles and ready the supporting documentation. What happens in the event of theft, breakages, lost chargers, devices not working? Avoid your teachers becoming IT Techies by proxy and ensure that everyone is clear on what they need to do to make the BYOD programme work.

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Integrating digital devices and reducing the potential for distraction

By Scott Noakes on 12/1/16 3:18 PM

As a teacher, you'd want to know.

Successfully integrating digital devices into the classroom is challenging. For all the benefits these devices bring to blended learning environments, they also bring the potential for distraction.

Classwize resolves this digital downside by providing teachers with live visibility and control over individual student internet use across all the devices they use in class.

With Classwize, teachers are provided a simple webpage dashboard that displays all the websites and applications that each student is using. Teachers gain visibility over which students are on task and those who may be disengaged.

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Porirua College expands BYOD scheme with peace of mind

By Scott Noakes on 8/24/16 4:59 PM

Porirua’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme is moving from trial phase to cross-college with no concerns regarding student safety thanks to Linewize. The college’s IT support provider, recommended using Linewize to protect students whilst online. Linewize has alleviated the security concerns of staff and the community, and simultaneously improved levels of classroom engagement.

BYOD and Student Safety

John Topp, Deputy Principal at Porirua College explained the issues that needed to be resolved prior to rolling out BYOD, “With our existing system we could not see what students were doing, we couldn’t easily monitor traffic on the network and we had instances of students using staff log ins on their own devices and we needed to put a stop to that.”

In addition, Porirua College felt that it had a responsibility to the community to ensure that students were using the Internet safely on campus and at home. John explains, “Our parents’ biggest concern about the proposed Chromebook roll out was that they would not know what their children were doing on the Internet at home.”

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Linewize supports Te Aroha College’s vision of openness

By Scott Noakes on 4/10/16 10:17 AM

Te Aroha College are in the midst of updating the school vision for the community, school, staff and students. Linewize has become an important enabler for this process, making possible significant student empowerment over their own internet usage.

“We see Linewize as a tool for keeping reactive discussions about inappropriate usage to a minimum, preferring instead proactive discussion on how to use the internet before a situation develops. Our openness reflects real life in the digital world and prepares students instead of shielding them.” – Alex Daroux, Head of IT Operations, Te Aroha College.

Edgewize: transforming a firewall from blocker to enabler

Disillusioned with the school’s existing firewall, Head of IT Operations Alex Daroux began to search for an alternative solution better suited to a college environment. Their current firewall was designed for small businesses and struggled with the demands of a medium-sized school. With staff and students facing repeated requests to login to access the network, Alex knew that it should be easier.

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Educating digital citizenship through conversation at Halswell School

By Scott Noakes on 1/13/16 12:46 PM

The Ministry of Education recently published a number of video case studies on Halswell School and St Hilda's Collegiate School. Both Halswell and St Hilda's use Linewize services to not only manage network and content access but also use the visibility Linewize provides to enable conversations with students around good digital citizenship.

“Linewize has given us a really good tool to talk to students about digital citizenship especially if filtering hits come up.”Fraser Malins, ICT Leader, Halswell School.

Halswell School was seriously affected by the Christchurch earthquakes and required a full rebuild on the existing site. After three years of disruption they now are enjoying a fully custom built MLE environment to support their learning. In the above video Fraser Malins talks about the educational benefits of using Linewize to maintain an open network network environment and address inappropriate use with individuals as it occurs.

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21st Century Visibility for 21st Century Teaching & Learning

By Scott Noakes on 12/17/15 6:20 AM

“Linewize offers a granular solution, not a one-size fits all like other services. We can monitor web usage by class and by individual student. Teachers can reward and report on levels of engagement in a meaningful way with each and every child.”Russell Burt, Principal, Point England School.

Point England School solve visibility issue for BYOD and 1:1

Point England School in Auckland is known across New Zealand and internationally for its successful integration of technology into teaching and learning. Point England School was the convening school in the Maniakalani Cluster founded in 2007 to provide 1:1 digital learning for students from seven schools initially, many of whom came from lower decile homes. Point England School students have had 1:1 digital learning in classrooms since 2010 supporting a focus on achieving high levels of engagement and independently driven learning.

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