Distracting device use in class linked to academic decline

By The Family Zone Team on 1/31/19 5:32 PM

Devices are turning class-time into fun-time at New Zealand’s largest secondary school - and the resulting drop in academic performance is worrying teachers and parents alike.

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Family Zone Partner School Program Roadshow, coming to a location near you

By Michelle Polglase on 11/2/18 8:19 AM

Let the Family Zone team shout breakfast while you learn about Family Zone’s Partner School Program, which provides schools with access to a powerful ecosystem of technologies that ensure no matter what network a student uses to access the internet, they’re kept as safe as possible while online.

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What are students searching for online?

By Michelle Polglase on 2/15/18 2:03 PM

"Just ask Google." And we do. If we have a question, that's generally our first port of call. Student welfare is a concern for every school, and these search queries can often flag potential issues with individual students.

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Online gaming is expensive in many ways

By Michelle Polglase on 12/12/17 10:14 AM

Gaming is big money, and wildly popular. The four games Finnish mobile game developer Supercell have on the market include ‘Clash of Clans’, with more than 100 million daily active users (DAUs). And Epic Games are on a winner; in less than a year Fortnite have more than 40 million players logging in to play each month. 

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Managing mobile devices and preventing cyber-slacking

By Michelle Polglase on 11/1/17 12:00 AM

Many of the teachers we talk with are frustrated with digital distraction in the classroom

Personal mobile devices are the norm. They are also both learning devices, and potential sources of digital distraction. While technology is an enabler of education, constant connection can sometimes come at a cost and students can easily succumb to using the internet for non-class related tasks. The term "cyber-slacking" refers to the act of avoiding immediate tasks by delving into cat videos, social media, and other online entertainment, and this new digital world is highly addictive.  

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Working with Family Zone to deliver world-leading cyber safety solutions

By Michelle Polglase on 10/25/17 11:00 AM

We're excited to announce that Linewize has been acquired by ASX-listed Family Zone following our successful partnership agreement announced earlier this year. The Linewize team is looking forward to the next step on our journey and working with Family Zone to deliver world-leading cyber safety solutions to parents and schools worldwide.

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Innovation in Education, Training and Development Award Winner

By Michelle Polglase on 10/24/17 9:29 AM


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Blocking Hotspot Shield and other VPNs

By Scott Noakes on 7/7/17 10:51 AM

Inviting student devices onto your school's BYOD network also invites new ICT challenges.

Schools are often unaware that student use of VPN software such as Hotspot Shield or Ultrasurf  can bypass school internet filtering and allow access to any online content.

A recent analysis Linewize conducted of a large Auckland High School found that 15% of students were using such software to bypass school internet filtering and gain access to any online content.

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Getting smarter with 1:1 digital distractions.

By Scott Noakes on 6/14/17 11:27 AM

Distraction of the digital kind is on the rise in classrooms. How can you successfully oversee devices and online access? In the aptly named article ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’1 the authors rate self-produced distractions, such as playing games, checking emails and surfing the net, as the most common classroom distractions, with more than a third of students admitting to ‘multitasking’ in class time.

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Linewize at Interface Xpo 2017!

By Scott Noakes on 5/3/17 1:34 PM

Interface Xpo 2017 is New Zealand's premiere EdTech event and we'd love to see you there.

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