Video game loot boxes a psychological risk

By Michelle Polglase on 11/8/18 3:42 PM

Loot boxes are becoming more prevalent in video games, and are readily available to children even though they approximate gambling.

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Fortnite - how to deal with this cultural phenomenon

By Michelle Polglase on 9/20/18 2:36 PM

Fortnite's unprecedented success means as much for the future of media as it does for the gaming industry. Fans don't simply play the game; they join a supportive community where their characters can break into dance moves - and people log in to watch others play, as much as to actually play themselves. An estimated 21% of Fortnite players were previously non-gamers.

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Gaming, stalking, and sleep deprivation - what schools need to know.

By Michelle Polglase on 6/28/18 11:21 AM

There's been a high profile instance of stalking through online voice and text chat service Discord, with an NZ citizen about to face severe consequences for his actions. Troy George Skinner, 25, was shot in the neck while attempting to break into a US home. He began talking to a 14-year-old American girl using Discord earlier this year, and after the teen attempted to end their communication after three or four months, he then decided to fly to Virginia, US to meet the teen, purchasing duct tape and pepper spray when he arrived. It's every parent's worst nightmare. 

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