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School Manager

Harness the power of affordable, borderless, hybrid filtering.

School Manager - Highlights

No more feature gaps

Say goodbye to the feature gaps created by cloud-only filtering. 

Hybrid filtering - the best of cloud and on-premise, combined. 

Linewize School Manager gives IT leaders the best of both cloud and on-premise filtering with no compromises. 

Highest standards in student data privacy

School Manager maintains the highest levels of student data privacy with no less than three iKeepSafe certifications.

cspc coppa

School Manager - Watch at a glance

Key benefits

Improve both security and simplicity:

No more certificates and proxies

Linewize filtering clients can view and control full path URLs, (not just DNS traffic), directly at the browser level, eliminating the need to proxy or tunnel traffic to a third party server.

Get your inline appliance back

With no need to proxy traffic on managed devices, your Linewize inline appliance only makes decisions for unmanaged devices. This leaves a light touch on network traffic for more efficient scalability. 

Better organize data

Organize data and create easily digestible graphs. Quickly view most blocked apps and sites, emerging trends in user activity, bandwidth utilization, red flag data and more. 


Improve efficiency:

Eliminate unnecessary spend

Identify which applications and services are most used, and highlight programs that are not being adopted to reduce spend.

Reduce filtered fixing

VPN search attempts are logged as a 'Red Flag' and reports can filtered by Red Flag types such as 'VPN'.

Streamline CDN assessment

Simplify administrative tasks associated with monitoring, updating, and troubleshooting CDN-related issues. Streamline management efforts and allow for better oversight and control.

Faster deployment

Provide quick hybrid deployment options for hardware and cloud.

Faster, more relevant reporting

Flexible reporting

Create, generate and schedule reports for school adminstrators. Reports can be as detailed or simple as needed. 

The right reports for the right users

Tailor reports to an individual's role in your school or district. From website history reports for principals to packet-level reporting for network admins. 

Reduce false positives

Receive cybersafety and self-harm reports directly in your inbox, without the worry of being inundated with false positives. 


Maintain compliance:

SSL inspection and decryption

Filter SSL sites and off-network with the option of deep packet inspection on Windows, Mac and iOS.

Native directory integration

Use across G-suite, Azure, Localized AD, and LDAP.

Sync with local and/or cloud-based directory services

Integrate with your WIFI network and domain controllers and connect to your local and cloud directory service. 


Lock in compliance with CSPC, COPPA, and FERPA. 

cspc coppa ferpa

What our customers say

Video case studies:


US-District-School-SQ-logo-Pascagoula-Gautier School District

Toby Bradley

Network Administrator

We were looking for a replacement for our existing content filter solution, and after much research we settled on Linewize. It is easy to administer, reporting is much easier to understand and the dashboard is clean and easy to navigate. 

Pascagoula-Gautier School District

US-District-School-SQ-logo-mount horeb area school district

Will Brueggeman

District Technology Coordinator

Having a physical on-premise box and cloud-based solution allows us to filter both in-house and at home for student devices that are taken home. For us, that is a big piece of the pie. And, whether we make a change on the cloud or on the appliance, the changes are transmitted simultaneously.  

Mount Horeb School District


Jon Myers

Director of Technology

There has been a night and day difference from our old filter to Linewize. Before, students were getting access to sites that should have been blocked and I had no visibility. Now I can see at a glance which sites are being blocked and what students are searching.

Clinton Prairie School Corporation

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