April 2, 2020 CTO | Network Admin | District Budget

Top 4 things to consider when putting together your district IT budget

Network server upgrade or laptops for every student? A new learning management system or eTextbooks?

March 31, 2020 CTO | Network Admin | District Budget
Best Practices for IT Budgeting at School Districts

Budget season is rarely a walk in the park IT directors, CTOs, and CIOs in the K-12 industry. They're often tasked with implementing cost-effective, compliant tools and systems with limited finances and resources. Yet, contrary to what ...

February 28, 2020 CTO | District Budget
Everything You Need to Know About E-Rate This Year

At the start of the 21st century, when the calendar flipped from ’99 to ’00, just over half of all American adults used the internet. Today, that number has risen to over 90 percent, and over 96 percent own a cellphone (not to mention ...

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