After Christchurch: Safety for kids, support for parents

By The Family Zone Team on 3/26/19 4:18 PM

The world is still reeling from the terror attacks at Christchurch last week. Needless to say, the horror is felt even more keenly by those of us who live here in New Zealand - and perhaps most of all by those of us who live here with our children.

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Cyberbullying and the #StandStrongNZ movement

By Michelle Polglase on 11/14/18 3:34 PM

Bullying in schools is a global issue, but New Zealand has the second highest rate of bullying in the OECD. One in two Kiwi kids are bullied at school at least once a month, and cyberbullying increasingly plays a major role in this.

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The digital divide between rich and poor kids

By Michelle Polglase on 11/6/18 12:32 PM

There's been much discussion about the socio-economic digital divide. But, it's not what we expect. Originally about access to technology, the new digital divide is actually about limiting access to technology.

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Child-on-child sexual ­assaults in primary schools on the rise

By Michelle Polglase on 11/1/18 11:36 AM

Disturbing acts of sexualised ¬≠behaviour among young children are becoming more frequent in schools as mobile devices result in children being exposed to pornography, says cyber safety expert Susan McLean.

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Sex education from pornography - what schools need to know.

By Michelle Polglase on 9/13/18 11:35 AM

Are young people getting their sex education from pornography? The Education Review Office thinks so, and wants schools to do more to address this. 

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Cyberbullying and technology use in schools

By Michelle Polglase on 8/13/18 5:00 PM

Cyberbullying is a big problem for schools, with a recent cyberbullying survey showing that the majority of this type of bullying is done by a classmate. Social media is the most common cyberbullying platform worldwide. 

We recently spoke with both a High School student and a counsellor about their experiences with the fallout around cyberbullying and technology use. In the words of 15 year old Jay, "My friend got cyberbullied so much he had to leave school this year."  

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Student wellbeing in a tech-saturated world

By Michelle Polglase on 8/6/18 11:42 AM

Parents and schools are having to deal with a range of new threats for teens, including suicide 'challenges' such as the highly disturbing Momo. This online game has quickly spread to several social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube.

Topics: cyber safety
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Is technology creating a digital divide? Digital immigrants, and the challenge for schools

By Michelle Polglase on 7/31/18 11:15 AM

Parents and teachers, you are (for the most part) digital immigrants, dealing with children growing up in the digital age who are experiencing a media-rich learning environment to hold their attention. 

Topics: cyber safety
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Why every school needs a Cyber Cop

By Michelle Polglase on 7/24/18 9:23 AM

Cyberbullying or technology misuse is often the number one, non-academic issue that schools have to deal with on a daily basis.

Susan McLean, known as "Cyber Cop" is one of Family Zone's recommended cyber experts. She was recently interviewed by Radio NZ's 'Nine to Noon' on the topic of cyber safety for kids, and she has just released a revised and updated edition of her bestselling book 'Sexts, Texts, and Selfies'You can access the full interview here.

Topics: cyber safety
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The 'Future of Learning', and reimagining education

By Michelle Polglase on 7/11/18 9:49 AM

 Digital natives are entering a whole new world of opportunity, and schools are responsible for equipping students with the skills they need to be able to navigate the future of work. 

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