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Remote learning exposes digital inequity.

Get digital equity for all students with our K-12 hotspot with filtering.


Linewize Go

Cellular broadband device with CIPA compliant filtering

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, K-12 district IT departments have arguably carried the most responsibility to ensure students continue to learn while they are at home. This has brought the issues of digital inequity among students to the forefront.

Linewize Go solves the challenges related to a lack of digital equity for U.S. students.

Filtered internet for all students

Ensure all students have access to broadband internet while staying CIPA compliant

Broadband WiFi up to 15 users

Some students don't have access to the internet for education at home while they are on their district-provided devices. Ensure all students have broadband internet and solve for digital inequity.

Built-in filtering for CIPA

Districts still need to ensure students are protected from the dangers of the internet while they are learning at home. Get the benefits of the Linewize content filter directly on this hotspot device.

Supports top wireless carriers

The Linewize Go device is supported by the top wireless carriers. Ensure your students get the most reliable wireless network connection wherever they are using the hotspot device.


Wisdom beyond the filter

Streamline Administration. Empower Your Staff. Impact Your Community.